Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Wednesday on “The Pat McAfee Show” that he intends to play for the New York Jets this season.

Rodgers said he made the decision on Friday and is not holding up a trade, which still isn’t finalized. The two teams and Rodgers remain in contact, sources said, as they try to work through the final stages of a potential deal, which would include restructuring Rodgers’ contract and agreeing on trade compensation.

The Packers are willing to trade Rodgers, but there are still things to work out and negotiations are ongoing.

Rodgers, who went on a four-day darkness retreat to contemplate his future, said he was 90% sure he was retiring when he went on the retreat. He said that when he left the darkness, something changed with the Packers’ previous stance of wanting him to play his whole career in Green Bay and that he wished the team was more direct with him at the beginning of the offseason.

Rodgers said he will always love the Packers organization but that it’s clear it’s time for a change.

Rodgers’ contract includes $59.465 million guaranteed in salary and bonus this season. Most of it is made up of a $58.3 million bonus that is due no later than Week 1 of this season. The Packers would absorb $40.3 million in dead money on their salary cap if they trade Rodgers before June 1. Because his bonus money is prorated, Rodgers would count $15.8 million against the Jets’ salary cap in 2023 and $32.5 million in 2024, cap-friendly numbers for a player of his stature.