: We want to make people living within a 1 mile radius of the 3700 block of South Elyria Road (McKee and South Elyria) aware of a potentially hazardous situation. An abandoned gas well in the area is leaking, and some residences have had natural gas leach into their water wells. Ohio EPA, Ohio DNR, Wayne County EMA, and Trans Canada are working diligently to remedy the problem. Trans Canada will be testing all water wells within the 1 mile radius in the coming weeks.

If you smell natural gas within your home, immediately evacuate the residence and call 911!

Please contact Trans Canada at 1-800-835-7191, if you experience any of the following:
Smell of gas in your water.
Hear a “gurgling” noise.
Surges when turning your water on.
Notice a change of water color.
Your water becomes cloudy.

Questions may be directed to Wayne County EMA at 330-262-9817 and New Pittsburg Fire and Rescue