The Browns will open the 2020 season on the road against the AFC North champion Ravens and will see them again later in the year for Monday Night Football at FirstEnergy Stadium — one of many highlights from Cleveland’s 2020 schedule.

The NFL’s 32 teams respectively announced their preseason and regular season schedules Thursday. Cleveland’s features back-to-back division games to open the season, including a Thursday Night Football home opener with the Bengals, a season finale with the Steelers as well as matchups with foes from the AFC South and NFC East.

This year’s schedule features cross-division games against teams from the AFC South and NFC East, as Cleveland hosts the Colts (Week 5), Texans (10), Redskins (3) and Eagles (11) while traveling to face the Cowboys (4), Giants (15), Jaguars (12) and Titans (13). The Browns’ matchup with the Colts will kick off in CBS’ late-afternoon window at 4:25 p.m.

The Browns have back-to-back AFC North games on multiple occasions throughout the first half of the schedule. After the 1-2 punch to start the season, Cleveland faces consecutive division road trips in Weeks 6 and 7 against the Steelers and Bengals. Cleveland split the season series with all three of its division foes in 2019.

1Sept. 13at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
2Sept. 17 (Thurs.)Cincinnati Bengals8:20 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
3Sept. 27Washington Redskins1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
4Oct. 4at Dallas Cowboys1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
5Oct. 11Indianapolis Colts4:25 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
6Oct. 18at Pittsburgh Steelers1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
7Oct. 25at Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
8Nov. 1Las Vegas Raiders1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
10Nov. 15Houston Texans1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
11Nov. 22Philadelphia Eagles1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
12Nov. 29at Jacksonville Jaguars1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
13Dec. 6at Tennessee Titans1 p.m.FM 1-4.5 WQKT
14Dec. 14 (Mon.)Baltimore Ravens8:15 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
15Dec. 20at NY Giants1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT
16Dec. 26/27at NY JetsTBDFM 104.5 WQKT
17Jan. 3Pittsburgh Steelers1 p.m.FM 104.5 WQKT