Many of you have heard and have asked about the pending sale of our stations WQKT/WKVX. River Radio Ministries has signed an agreement to purchase our stations from our parent company Dix 1898. The sale will not be finalized until it goes through FCC process. This could take up to 120 days. We know many of our listeners and advertisers are concerned about the future of our sports coverage and our music format.

River Radio will take time to analyze our programming, our formats and the audiences we serve. They’ve also indicated their desire to keep us local and to serve our local community. Knowing this, it could be some time before any possible changes might actually take place.

We realize how important local radio is to our community and our listeners across the region. Through this process, we will continue to provide the quality programming we always have. Thank you for understanding, we don’t know any more than what we have stated but we will keep our listeners, advertisers and local community informed should any changes occur.

To all, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.
Your friends at WQKT/WKVX Radio.