China’s top basketball league has disqualified two teams from its postseason amid allegations of match-fixing.

The ruling came after the Chinese Basketball Association determined that the Shanghai Sharks and Jiangsu Dragons engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct during a playoff series last week.

The league said in a statement Monday that the Sharks and Dragons showed a “lack of competitive effort” and were “negative in competition” during their best-of-three playoff series that concluded Friday.

The teams also will be fined the equivalent of $5 million and have their general managers and head coaches suspended from the league for up to five years.

The CBA, headed by NBA great Yao Ming, initially announced Saturday that it wanted reports from both teams on their conduct during the series. Yao said Monday in a statement that the situation was “quite saddening,” but stressed that the disqualifications and other penalties were necessary to preserve the league’s credibility.