Broncos safety Kareem Jackson said he is flying to New York to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday to get more clarity about his latest suspension and the way the league enforces its player safety rules.

“For me, I see a lot of the same things happening around the league where guys aren’t going through what I’m going through — no flags, no fines, no suspensions,” Jackson said Tuesday night in his first public comments since drawing his second suspension of the season last week.

“I’m not really sure why I’m being treated the way I’m being treated. I’m making regular football plays, nothing malicious, in my opinion,” Jackson said. “I just want to know why I’m the only person going through what I’m going through.”

Jackson, who is in his 14th NFL campaign, has been suspended by the league for six games this season, ejected from two others and fined $89,670 for four illegal hits.