The confusion over whether high school athletes needed to be tested 72-hours prior to competition was laid to rest on Tuesday as Governor Mike DeWine said even if the state wanted to do it, the state doesn’t have the capacity to test that many people at once.

“People looked at it (the order) and got understandably upset about it. Look, testing, if you are trying to keep COVID out of some place or outside of some particular group, the more testing you can do the better. We don’t have the ability to do that kind of massive testing today,” he said.

As for fall sports, the governor said, “we don’t know exactly what is going to happen.”

The governor and Lt. Governor Jon Husted said they remain in talks with the OHSAA to determine how to move forward, but DeWine said a decision will likely happen closer to when the season starts.

Currently, high school football is scheduled to kickoff August 28.