“Almost Dark” Exhibit at Wayne Center for the Arts will Glow Your Mind!

Wooster, OH – “Almost Dark: A Supernatural Blacklight Exhibit” is planned, curated, and hosted by TAABWoo
(Teen Art Advisory Board) at Wayne Center for the Arts (WCA). TAABWoo consists of high school students
interested in art who want to learn about entrepreneurship and careers in the arts. The group is currently
focusing on public events for artists of all ages and learning how to plan, curate, promote, and host public
The exhibit will take place in the Gault Gallery at Wayne Center for the Arts from March 18-April 1, 2023.
Applications are open right now and the deadline to submit is February 18. Artists of all ages are encouraged
to apply at WayneArtsCenter.org.
“‘Almost Dark’ is a show where the art will glow, “says Darcy Haynes, Visual Arts and Outreach Coordinator at
WCA who supervises TAABWoo, “Our vision is that neon, fluorescent, and black and white supernatural
themed art of any medium will illuminate under the black light.” Haynes explains that the art does not
necessarily have to be “glow in the dark” or use any special supplies. “Many pieces that utilize stark contrast
between light and dark will flourish under the black light, adding a whole new dimension to the artwork.”
The show will open with a reception on March 18 and will also include unique prize categories and a People’s
Choice Award. The exhibit will be very immersive, with both Gault and Looney Galleries being switched
completely to black light for the duration of the event. “In this show you will be immersed in a whole different
world, and see art in a new light,” says one member of TAABWoo.
The group is still in need of artists to apply and showcase their work. Anyone interested should go to
WayneArtsCenter.org or apply in person at WCA, 237 S. Walnut St.
The teen members of TAABWoo appreciate the community’s support of this endeavor! As one member said,
she looks forward to it seeing it “glow your mind!”


Mar 18 2023 - Apr 01 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Gault Gallery at Wayne Center for the Arts
February 23, 2024, 7:27 pm