History of the Recipe Boxes

Speaker: Michael Amstutz
Description: Have you ever wondered about Grandma’s recipe box that sat on the kitchen counter? Was it wooden, metal or did it have advertising on it? Recipe boxes date back to the early 1870’s in America. We invite you to learn about the history of recipe boxes in the U.S. with Michael Amstutz, who has amassed a collection of nearly 500 recipe boxes and has published a book on these now collectible items. You’ll see a display of over 100 boxes from his collection and hear the fascinating history from the earliest boxes at the turn of the century to modern day boxes. You can even bring an old recipe box and have it evaluated. Public Welcome and No Admission Fee.

County Line Historical Society of Wayne/Holmes
Historic Shreve Presbyterian Church
343 N. Market St.
Shreve, OH 44676


Aug 21 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
June 17, 2024, 2:47 am