Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said he plans to attend a court hearing Friday where a judge will hear arguments on whether to grant a restraining order that would nullify the Big Ten’s three-game suspension of the coach.

“I’m going to talk on Friday,” Harbaugh said. “I’m just looking forward to that opportunity — due process. I’m not looking for special treatment, not looking for a popularity contest, just looking for the merit of what the case is.”

The Big Ten suspended Harbaugh this past Friday as a punishment against the football program for violating the league’s sportsmanship policy. Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti said in a letter Friday he had gathered enough information from the NCAA and others in the conference to prove that a former member of Michigan’s staff compromised the integrity of this year’s games by scouting other teams’ signals in advance.

Harbaugh said he wasn’t sure whether he would have the opportunity to state his case in front of the judge, but he does intend to be there in person.