A lawyer representing Tyreek Hill denied allegations that the Miami Dolphins receiver broke a woman’s leg while running football drills at his home last year, calling them in a statement obtained by ESPN on Thursday “baseless.”

The woman, Sophie Hall, filed a civil lawsuit in Broward County on Feb. 23. Hall, a self-described actress, model and social media influencer, accused Hill of battery, assault, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, based on events that occurred at the receiver’s Miami-area home June 28.

Hall alleged Hill flew her to South Florida to stay with him at his home for “several days” but became “angry” and “embarrassed” when she knocked him back while performing football activities the day she arrived. According to the lawsuit, Hill allegedly “charged into her violently and with great force, resulting in significant and serious injuries.”

Hall claimed that after she suffered the injury, Hill declined to get her medical attention and downplayed its severity. She said she ultimately was diagnosed with a fractured leg that needed surgery when she returned home.

However, in the statement released to ESPN on Thursday, Hill’s attorney, Julius B. Collins, disputed Hall’s allegations and said they believe the lawsuit was filed to “generate bad publicity for Mr. Hill in an attempt to ‘scare tactic’ him into personally covering the cost of Ms. Hall’s medical bills.”

Hill claimed Hall actually hurt her leg tripping over a dog while performing the drills, and Collins accused Hall’s counsel of intentionally omitting that from her original complaint. (Hall’s lawsuit does mention a puppy disrupting a drill, but does not say the dog caused her to fall.)

Hill also insisted the drills were playful and advised that there is a pending claim with his homeowners’ insurance company, with the intention of “fully covering” Hall’s medical bills.