In a win for Ja Morant, a Tennessee judge ruled Monday that the Memphis Grizzlies superstar fairly acted in self-defense when he punched a teenager at Morant’s home in July 2022, according to a court filing obtained by ESPN.

The ruling comes after a December 2023 civil immunity hearing in Memphis, where Morant testified that he “swung first” at Joshua Holloway, then 17, to protect himself during an altercation that led to Holloway filing a September 2022 lawsuit accusing Morant of assault.

The altercation came about during a pickup basketball game. Holloway, allegedly frustrated by losing several games, was accused of throwing a one-handed pass at Morant during a check-ball situation.

The ball hit Morant in the face, after which Morant said Holloway took a step toward him and that he then stepped forward and punched Holloway.

After that blow, Morant’s friend, Davonte Pack, punched Holloway — an act for which Pack was later arrested for misdemeanor assault. The charge against Pack was later dismissed.

In Monday’s filing, Shelby County Circuit Judge Carol Chumney ruled Morant “enjoys a presumption of civil immunity” under Tennessee’s self-defense immunity statute and that the burden of proof shifts to Holloway and his legal team to prove that Morant didn’t act in self-defense.

A trial was scheduled to begin in late April but is expected to be moved to a later date.

“We’re disappointed, and we will continue to take the steps necessary to protect and advocate for Joshua,” Rebecca Adelman, Holloway’s attorney, told ESPN.

Morant’s attorneys didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The lawsuit hung over Morant, 24, during a muddled 2023-24 season that began with him serving a 25-game suspension issued by the NBA for conduct deemed detrimental to the league.

That suspension came after a video circulated on social media in May 2023 showing Morant brandishing a firearm. He previously had been suspended eight games in March 2023 after he posted an Instagram Live video in which he held up a handgun while at a Denver nightclub.

Morant apologized for both incidents.

After he returned from the 25-game suspension in December 2023, the two-time All-Star and 2019-20 NBA Rookie of the Year played just nine games — averaging 25.1 points, 8.1 assists and 5.6 rebounds — before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury.

Morant’s absence, as well as injuries to several other teammates, marred what was once a hopeful season for the Grizzlies, who finished with the second-best record in the Western Conference one season ago.

Entering Tuesday, the Grizzlies were 27-51, the third-worst record in the Western Conference.