Three straight losses overall for the first time in a decade. An 0-3 start at home for the first time in nearly 30 years.

The Seattle Seahawks are learning that life without quarterback Russell Wilson is rough, especially when making a series of blunders.

“I’ve been here a long time and if we didn’t have Russell, I probably wouldn’t have been here a long time because of all the magic he has created over the years,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. “He has numbers and stats and fourth quarter this and that’s one of the winningest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. And it will be really fun when he comes back and plays football again for us this year.”

But whether Wilson will be returning to play any relevant games for Seattle this season is the big unknown after the Seahawks’ 13-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

This loss was almost entirely self-inflicted as Seattle (2-5) dropped its third straight. Alvin Kamara and Jameis Winston made some plays offensively, and Demario Davis was a terror on the defensive side for New Orleans.

But Seattle may look back on this loss with significant regret, playing their second full game without Wilson, who could return sometime in November.

Marquise Blair was flagged for a personal foul on a third-down sack on New Orleans’ final drive when it appeared Seattle would get the ball back. Later in the drive, with a kicker in his first NFL game and lined up for a 43-yard field goal attempt, veteran Al Woods stunningly jumped offside, giving New Orleans a first down and eventually leading to an extra 90 seconds being burned from the clock.