The Hollywood (Florida) Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Antonio Brown Wednesday night following allegations that he and his trainer attacked a moving company truck driver near Brown’s Florida home.  Hollywood police spokesman Christian Latta said in a news release that Brown faces charges of burglary with battery — a felony — burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief.

There was no police activity seen at Brown’s home Wednesday night after the warrant was issued, suggesting police were waiting until Thursday morning to arrest him if he did not turn himself in.

Police told ESPN earlier Wednesday that they had made several attempts to contact Brown to question him about the incident, but the free-agent wide receiver retreated into his home and ignored their requests to speak with him.

Brown’s trainer, Glenn Holt, had been arrested on a felony burglary with battery charge on Tuesday. He posted a $20,000 bond on Wednesday and was released from Broward County Jail.

Brown threw a rock at the driver’s moving truck before the alleged battery outside of his home Tuesday, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

The documents allege that Brown later forced his way into the driver’s side of the main cabin of the truck and began to physically strike the driver after a disagreement over payment escalated. Brown was then restrained by his associates.

Brown, 31, allegedly refused to pay the $4,000 fee, which initially led the driver to attempt to leave with the property in his truck. The driver said that is when, according to the documents, Brown threw the rock, denting and causing paint damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle. The driver then called police to report the damage.

Later, the documents say, the moving company told the driver to drop off the goods because Brown agreed to pay the fee plus damages he caused. Upon arrival, however, Brown paid the $4,000 fee but refused to pay more.

Another argument ensued, and that’s when, the driver says, Brown assaulted him, and Holt attempted to grab his keys from the ignition to open the truck and get Brown’s belongings, causing cuts and scratches on the driver.