The NFL has proposed increasing its COVID-19 testing cadence for vaccinated players as cases surge around the country and multiple teams deal with case clusters that have sidelined prominent players and coaches this summer.

The league wants to move testing for vaccinated players to once every seven days from once every 14 days, NFL general counsel Larry Ferazani said Thursday in a media briefing. Players who are not fully vaccinated would continue to be tested daily. The proposal requires approval from the NFL Players Association, which has been pushing for all players — vaccinated and unvaccinated — to be tested daily.

In a statement to ESPN, the NFLPA stopped short of accepting the proposal: “The COVID environment is constantly changing and our success last year was built not only on a foundation of cooperation, but more importantly, on listening to our experts. It is clear with what we know about the Delta variant and with what we have seen already with clubs, testing needs to be a greater focal point.”

As of Thursday, nearly 93% of NFL players are at least partially vaccinated, according to NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills. Staff members have been nearly 100% vaccinated since the start of training camp.