The Ohio High School Athletic Association issued a press release that outlined their proposal for an adjusted football season to Govenor Mike DeWine.  If DeWine approves the proposal, the following changes will be made to all of the area high schools’ football seasons:

  • The earliest regular-season games can be played is August 24th.
  • After six weeks of regular-season games, all teams will be eligible to enter the OHSAA playoffs.  State finals will end no later than November 21st.
  • The number of playoff rounds will be dependent upon the number of schools that enter the playoffs in each divsion.  Coaches in each region will seed all of the playoff teams in the region with a vote and form a bracket-style list of matchups.
  • Schools that are eliminated from the OHSAA playoffs, or that choose not to enter the OHSAA playoffs, will have the option schedule additional regular season games until November 14th with a maximum of 10 regular season games permitted.

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