The Southeastern Conference fined South Carolina $100,000 for its fans storming the court after the Gamecocks’ 79-62 win over No. 6 Kentucky.

The league announced the fine Wednesday, a day after the South Carolina men’s basketball team posted a win over its highest-ranked opponent at home in 14 years.

The SEC adopted more stringent fines at its meetings last spring. A first offense brings a fine of $100,000, a second $250,000 with subsequent offenses costing $500,000.

The league gave all members a clean slate so this counts as South Carolina’s first offense.

Also on the floor was former university president Harris Pastides, who posted on social media that he had to pay a fine during his tenure after big wins.

“This time it was free for me so I joined the crowd,” he posted.

Kentucky players left the floor quickly without incident.