Voters across Ohio voted to protect access to abortion and other reproductive rights Tuesday, rejecting bans and restrictions passed by the state’s predominantly Republican Legislature.

Issue 1 won overwhelmingly in Ohio’s largest cities − passing with nearly 73% of the vote in Franklin County, 74% in Cuyahoga County and 65% in Hamilton County, according to unofficial results − but it also won in suburban counties like Delaware (59% of the vote), Lake (60%) and Lorain (62.4%). Voters in rural counties also backed the measure, which was winning statewide 56% to 44% with 95% of precincts in.

Ohioans voted Tuesday to approve Issue 2, making the Buckeye State the 24th to legalize adult-use marijuana.

The “yes” vote was winning 57-43% with most of the vote counted in the state, according to unofficial results. The Associated Press projected the issue’s passage around 9:25 p.m. on Tuesday.

Issue 2, which goes into effect Dec. 7, will allow adults 21 and older to buy, possess and grow cannabis. Products would be taxed 10% on top of the state sales tax, with revenue going into four pots: a social equity and jobs program, municipalities with dispensaries, a substance abuse fund and administrative costs.

The measure is an initiated statute, meaning it will become part of the Ohio Revised Code in 30 days. But that’s only the beginning, and there’s one big caveat: Lawmakers could change some of these rules in the coming months.