The NC State Wolfpack‘s 76-66 win over the Texas Longhorns in Sunday’s Regional 4 final was played on a court with 3-point lines of different distances at the top of the key, the NCAA confirmed in a statement during halftime of the game.

“The NCAA was notified today that the 3-point lines on the court at Moda Center in Portland are not the same distance,” the statement said.

The error in the court, which had previously been used for four regional semifinals on Friday and Saturday, was discovered prior to Sunday’s game. The two head coaches, NC State’s Wes Moore and Texas’ Vic Schaefer, were notified with the countdown clock on ahead of the scheduled 12:16 p.m. start time. Video showed both coaches pacing off the distance to the painted 3-point lines at each end of the court.

According to Moore, the line in front of his team’s bench — the left side of the court on the television broadcast — was noticeably shorter than the standard distance of 22 feet, 1.75 inches from the center of the basket to the top of the arc, while the other 3-point line was correct.

NCAA representatives gave Moore and Schaefer the option of playing with the discrepancy in the 3-point lines or waiting for them to be remeasured and retaped, a process the coaches said would take more than an hour.

“At first Vic was hesitant about it,” Moore said, “and then he finally said, you know, ‘I didn’t want to wait an hour or something to play the game.’ I was ready to get going. But Vic probably figured out, you know what? This line down here is what we’re used to. That line down there isn’t.