RIP the Super League. A group of 12 “elite” European clubs attempted to start a new breakaway competition only to have it crumble in less than 72 hours. If it seems like a chaotic blur, that’s largely because that is what the lifespan of the doomed competition ultimately amounted to.

After being officially announced on Sunday night, by Tuesday the grand project began to implode as Premier League club after Premier League club started to withdraw in the face of the widespread public backlash. Indeed, Manchester CityLiverpoolManchester UnitedArsenalTottenham Hotspur and Chelsea have all begun the process of pulling out, with the other six European clubs (Inter and Atletico are already on the way) not far behind.

A sport that was supposed to be revolutionised by 15 of the world’s biggest clubs setting up, running and, crucially, owning their own competition for the next 23 years (the length of their commitment in the contracts they signed) had suddenly returned to some semblance of normality. And the football world woke up to the reality that power doesn’t just rest with the biggest, best and wealthiest teams. It’s also in the hands of the institutions, players, governments, coaches and, yes, fans.