UFC star Conor McGregor will not face criminal charges stemming from an accusation of sexual assault at an NBA Finals game earlier this year in Miami.

“The State Attorney’s Office will not go forward with any charges and the case will be closed,” the Miami Police Department said in a statement provided to ESPN.

TMZ Sports had reported on Wednesday that prosecutors would not pursue charges against McGregor after finding there was “insufficient evidence” to prove his accuser’s allegations.

“On behalf of my client, his family and his fans we are pleased this is now over,” McGregor’s attorney, Barbara Llanes, told TMZ.

McGregor, 35, was accused of “violently” forcing himself on a woman in a VIP men’s bathroom in Kaseya Center. In a letter to McGregor’s team, the woman accused McGregor of aggressively kissing her. Video later surfaced of McGregor and the accuser entering the bathroom together. McGregor immediately denied the allegations.

The incident allegedly occurred during Game 4 of the Finals in June. The woman also accused the Miami Heat and NBA security of aiding McGregor in the attack by separating her from her friend and forcing her into the bathroom.