The University of Akron Millersburg, a regional academic center of The University of Akron (UA), will close its Millersburg campus, located on E. Jackson Street, at the end of spring semester. UA will continue to offer courses in both East and West Holmes Local School Districts to be more accessible for local students.

Opening its doors in 2003 as The University of Akron Wayne College Holmes County Higher Education Center, the center originally offered general education courses for College Credit Plus (CCP), traditional and non-traditional students, along with a number of non-credit courses. In 2018, the center was rebranded as UA Millersburg under the direction of Jarrod Tudor, Ph.D., dean of Wayne College and the regional academic centers. Over the years, the enrollment has transitioned to mainly CCP students.

With advances in technology to offer courses remotely and the evolution of the CCP program, high schools began offering more of these courses in their buildings. “With East and West Holmes Local School Districts offering more and more CCP courses in their buildings, it didn’t make sense to keep the campus open,” stated Dr. Tudor. “We are working with the school districts to improve the delivery of CCP courses while making our own operations more efficient.”

UA Wayne College is also partnering with West Holmes High School to provide space for future non-credit courses and ACT testing.