Victor Wembanyama, the projected No. 1 pick, officially declared for the 2023 NBA draft on Friday and has submitted paperwork to the league office.

Wembanyama is the most anticipated prospect since LeBron James, making the NBA draft lottery on May 15 revealing which team gets the No. 1 overall pick one of the biggest nights in years for the NBA’s non-playoff teams and the league as a whole.

At 7-foot-5, with an 8-foot wingspan, Wembanyama will immediately be the tallest and longest player in the NBA, but also brings the skill-set of a guard, regularly being tasked with bringing the ball up the court for his team, initiating offense and shooting 3-pointers from all over the floor. The timing, instincts and anticipation he shows defensively with his ability to cover ground fluidly and change the geometry of the game with his dimensions gives him game-changing potential on that end of the floor as well.

Wembanyama is in the midst of a historic season in France, averaging 21.5 points, 9.9 rebounds, 3.1 blocks and 2.3 assists per game, leading the French league in virtually every statistical category despite being only 19-years old, making him the runaway favorite for MVP honors. He’s surprised many by leading one of the youngest teams in the league to a 19-10 record that puts them in second place currently, potentially setting up a deep playoff run that could extend past the date of the NBA Draft on June 22nd.

His team’s decision to send starting point guard and second-leading scorer Tremont Waters home in the midst of locker room strife has only increased the amount of offensive responsibility Wembanyama is forced to shoulder over the past few games.

Although scouts point to his gargantuan frame and the poor historical track record of giants in his mold in staying healthy as the biggest concern they have for him reaching his full potential, Wembanyama has yet to miss a game this season, playing 47 consecutive contests across all competitions since September, a testament to the considerable amount of work he puts in daily on rest, recovery, activation and injury prevention.

Wembanyama’s performance this season, especially in two exhilarating exhibition games his team played in Las Vegas in October against Scoot Henderson and G League Ignite — scoring 73 points in 70 minutes – – has all but locked up the No. 1 spot in the draft. His team has five regular season games remaining before embarking on the playoffs, which will determine how quickly he’s able to arrive in the US.

Wembanyama’s announcement that he’s officially entered the NBA Draft should come as a surprise to no one considering his status as the lock No. 1 pick, but it does mark another milestone in inching him closer to his stated lifelong dream of playing in the NBA.

The NBA draft’s early-entry deadline (Sunday at 11:59 PM ET) falls exactly 60 days before the actual draft on June 22. Wembanyama’s announcement comes 24 days away from when the world finds out which team will have their fortunes changed by being granted the rights to select the No. 1 pick in the draft.