Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt said he would fail a drug test for marijuana and was found to have an open container of vodka in his vehicle, according to dashcam video of a Jan. 21 traffic stop released by the Rocky River (Ohio) Police Department.

Hunt was pulled over on suspicion of speeding last week in Rocky River, a suburb of Cleveland. During the stop, police found marijuana in a backpack with Hunt’s name on it but cited him only for speeding. According to the police report, officer Michael Asbury took Hunt to the police cruiser after detecting the smell of marijuana coming out of the car.

“I understand you’re with the Browns and all that. … You have my word: If there’s nothing in that car, I’m just going to give you a traffic ticket,” Asbury told Hunt, before returning to search the car. “A traffic ticket is not going to get you in trouble. We constantly stop athletes around here because you’re all working in Cleveland. If it’s just a traffic ticket, you’re not going to get in trouble, man.”

The officer returned to the cruiser with a plastic bag of marijuana. Hunt, who said he was on the way to the airport to catch a flight, said it was his brother’s, but when pressed as to whether he would fail a drug test, Hunt admitted he would.

“It’s the offseason,” Hunt answered. “Sorry, I was having a good time.”

The officer said he would still write Hunt only a traffic ticket but would seize the backpack.

“I hate to say this, but you of anybody should know if you’re trying to stay good, stay on the right path, this is not the way to go,” Asbury told Hunt. “I mean, you had, like, a good second part of the year. You don’t want to screw that up over some weed.

“Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to write you a traffic ticket, then I’ll just seize this stuff. Fair enough? I’m not going to write you a weed ticket either. Don’t lie next time.”

Hunt served an eight-game suspension this season for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. He was released by the Kansas City Chiefs in November 2018 after video from February 2018 surfaced of him kicking a woman in downtown Cleveland. He signed with the Browns in February 2019.

“I mean, honestly, I’m like one of the hugest Browns fans ever,” Asbury said on the video. “Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and it’s frustrating to watch the Browns every single year.”

Asbury also referenced former NFL running back Ray Rice, who was suspended over domestic violence, and told Hunt, “I would hope that second chance would be enough to keep you clean.”

Hunt said the past few days had been tough on him with his former team having made the Super Bowl.

The officer warned Hunt about the open container of vodka he also found in the backpack and said he could give Hunt another ticket but wouldn’t.

“I appreciate everything today,” Hunt told the officer. “I will definitely think a lot more.”

A spokesman from the Rocky River PD called the officer’s actions “appropriate.”

The Browns said last week that they were “aware and looking into” Hunt’s incident.